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When can we expect an end of lockdown in Germany and lifting of travel restrictions.

Lockdown in Germany: When can we expect the Covid-19 and travel restrictions to be lifted in Germany? Thomas Bareiß, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy responsible for tourism, believes that preliminary forecasts can now be made.

Travelling for tourist purposes during the Easter season this year is unlikely to be possible. However, a slowdown in the wave of the pandemic and a loosening of some of the restrictions can be expected during the Pentecost period as reported by Polskiobserwator.

“In the next two to three months, I think it will be hard to imagine real travel,” said Thomas Bareiß in an interview on RTL.

The minister expressed his assumption that it would be possible to spend the winter holidays outside the place of residence. 

The first Pentecostal holidays begin on May 10 in Saxony-Anhalt. Thomas Bareiß expects a significant improvement in the epidemic over the summer. He expressed the assumption that during this year’s holidays, Germany would be able to travel in their own country.

Whether it will be possible to go on vacation abroad will depend on the situation in a specific country during the lockdown in Germany. He added that the progress in vaccinations will have a big impact on easing the restrictions in Germany. 

At the same time, he made a reservation that the German government did not plan to divide travellers into vaccinated and un-vaccinated.

This week, many German federal states introduced additional restrictions on movement. In districts where the number of new coronavirus infections has increased sharply, there is a ban on moving beyond 15 km away from home. Read also: Restricting freedom of movement within a 15 km radius of outbreaks until 31 January: Merkel announces tightening of Corona restrictions in Germany – VIDEO