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‘Wear face masks, but indoor ventilation protects the most against coronavirus’

German specialists suggest that indoor ventilation protects the most against the spread of coronavirus, even more than using masks and reducing the number of people staying at the same time.

During computer simulations, a rock concert with 1,500 people, which took place indoors in Leipzig in August 2020, was taken into account. Everyone was wearing protective masks, kept their distance and used disinfectants.

Researchers from the University of Medical Sciences in Halle say they ran computer simulations of three scenarios in which they changed the number of participants and behavior of distance and other recommendations. It was checked how aerosols from infected people could spread in the room.

The number of new infections continues to grow rapidly in Germany, over 16,700 in the last 24 hours, a new high

Leading the RESTAR-19 study, Stefen Moritz, says that adequate ventilation in the room is key to reducing the risk of coronavirus infection. The limitation of seating places and the provision of separate entrances to the facility are also important.

During the event, it was obligatory to wear masks and observe hygiene measures and adequate distance. Technical personnel controlled whether these behaviors were followed by everyone.

German researchers say the use of face masks, hand hygiene and distance should apply until the end of the pandemic. However, the number of guests and seats in various types of rooms should be adjusted to the severity of the number of infections in a given period.