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VIDEO: Ten ways to have a great relationship and live happily

Having a wonderful relationship can make you live a very happy life. Most often relationships break down because of simple mistakes or negligence.

Ms Chanel Ambrose, a style, beauty and lifestyle blogger
Ms Chanel Ambrose, a style, beauty and lifestyle blogger

In the following video Chanel Ambrose, a plus size style, beauty and lifestyle blogger offers tips on how to have a great relationship.
Based on her personal experience, Chanel presents ten effective ways to have a great relationship. Though this video was prepared for women, it equally applies to men.

10 ways to have a great relationship

1) Spend time together
In any relationship or marriage, spending time together is so important because it gives you an opportunity to bond. It also gives you an opportunity to speak about things, catch up, etc.
Chanel reveals that her biggest gossip partner is her husband with whom she speaks about so many different things.

2) Get to know each other’s friends
Chanel says that though this might be odd, it is important to get to know each other’s friends. This can be helpful in solving conflicts. When there is an issue, Chanel says, it would be helpful to call any of your partner’s close friends and seek their help. “You know sometimes they listen to their friends more than us,” she says.

Chanel however warns against getting too friendly with your partner’s friends.

It is in any case important for you not to be a stranger to their friends because in case something happens, you can confide in them.

She points out that at the initial stages of your relationship, getting to know your partner’s friends can help you better know who the person is. “You can get to know a bit more of the guy when you get to know his friends,” Chanel says.

3) Find out each other’s weaknesses and strengths
Chanel stresses that you should know your partner’s weaknesses and strengths because it is healthy for your relationship. This will help you know how to handle certain issues in case of an argument. “You do not want to tamper with the man’s ego because they will hold that against you forever,” she warns.

4) Communication
Many relationships and marriages break down because of lack of communication.

It is therefore important for those in a relationship to find ways of communicating frequently not only at the initial stages of the relationship but throughout the relationship.

“When you are married and there is an issue, it is so crucial to be able to talk to each other,” Chanel advises.

5) Believe in your partner
We all have aspirations. In a relationship, it is important for you to believe in your partner’s dreams if they are legal.

At times your partner may come up with ideas which you think might never work. However, in most cases they end up working especially if the person is committed to them.

Chanel advises you to show interest in your partner’s plans, give ideas to help and inspire them as well.

“Believe in him, believe that he is worthy of accomplishing whatever he wants to,” she suggests.

6) Surprise them
You can surprise your partner by doing things they never expected. For instance, buying a box of chocolates for your lady, or a pair of socks for your guy.

A surprise will make your partner know that you are being considerate, understands them and their needs. It will also make them know you love them, think about them and know their interests.

7) Be Faithful and Committed
This is a crucial point. “Do not cheat,” Chanel says. “Don’t look at another guy or don’t look at another girl.”

She stresses that you should not cheat because it’s going to hurt the person who loves you. If you no longer love them, find a way of walking out. So be faithful and be committed, and “and be that woman who he doesn’t even feel that he has to go and look somewhere else for another one,” Chanel suggests.

8) Keep the love flowing
There are people who don’t want to have sex before marriage or at the early stages of their relationship-that is absolutely fine. You should however find ways of expressing your love for instance through how you talk, gestures, holding hands, putting your head on your partner’s shoulder, etc. Chanel says you should show love and just be lovable.

9) Resolve arguments and problems
Don’t ignore problems when they emerge. All arguments and problems should be addressed when they are still refresh. If you fail to do so, they will keep on coming up in other arguments later and that’s not healthy since they’ll complicate your relationship.

10) Trust
Trust is essential in a relationship. Don’t give your partner a reason to doubt your faithfulness and commitment. You should also be able to trust your partner.

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