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Travel to and from Germany – rules applicable during the holiday season

Travel to and from Germany while in transit during the holiday season is subject to a number of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Here are some tips to help out :

Transport and border controls

Travel to Germany: Border controls The border

states (Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony) have announced increased controls in the run-up to Christmas. The checks are to be random, ie it is not planned to reintroduce permanent border checks. Inspections are to be aimed at checking compliance with quarantine regulations. All border crossings can be used.


Travel to Germany by private car. A vehicle can accommodate up to 5 people from two households. Otherwise, a distance of 1.5 m should be kept (which is practically impossible in passenger cars). According to the case law of German courts, the space of private vehicles belongs to the public space. Therefore, when travelling by car, you must follow the regulations of the federal states.

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If there are people from two households in the car, there is no obligation to wear masks, but it is recommended. However, the driver’s face should be recognisable. Therefore, for example, you must not drive while wearing a mask and sunglasses.


During the holiday season, several additional connections are also offered by, among others Wizzair. Information on the flight schedule can be obtained from the carriers.