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Germany: After oil and flour, another key product could disappear from shelves

Supply deficit in Germany: Another key product in Germany could run out off the shelves. One of the most popular food products in all German households could end up not being available.

Supply deficit hits Germany as more products disappear from shelves.

Supply deficit in Germany: More product disappear from supermarkets

Many products have been missing from German stores for several weeks . As a result, some retailers have introduced KLIK purchase limits – these are purchase limits for shoppers. The reason for the shortages is the war in Ukraine and the supply cuts.

Germany may undergo a shortage of mustard in the second half of the year. According to the culinary association Kulinaria, almost 80 percent of mustard seeds that come into Germany do so from Russia and Ukraine.

“There is less and less raw material,” said association president Markus Weck in an interview with Die Welt.

Canada being the next largest suppliers of mustard seeds after Russia and Ukraine was consulted for a new consignment. Mustard Producer Händlmaier commented on the situation saying they had received Canadian mustard seeds in the shortest time possible but at the highest price it had ever paid for the raw material.

“There are no more mustard seeds on the world market today.” That is why Händlmaier limits mustard production. According to the manufacturer, delivery can be guaranteed until August.

Three Assorted-color of Cream in Containers on Brown Wooden Slab
Mustard sauce could become scarce in Germany.

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There is almost a kilogram of mustard per one inhabitant per year

According to the culinary association Kulinaria, in 2020, 38,320 tons of mustard seeds were imported to Germany , of which 51.9 percent. came from Russia, 27.6 percent. from Ukraine and 10.2 percent. from Canada. Four percent of the mustard seeds came from Estonia and 6.4 percent from other countries.

At the same time, Germany produced almost 81,000 tonnes of mustard, worth around € 167 million, and consumption per capita was 805 grams.

Recently, the German Food Association and numerous retailers made an urgent appeal to customers  and asked them not to stockpile unnecessarily.