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Scientists have discovered a potential COVID-19 cure

COVID-19 cure: A new study found that a substance called tapsigargine potently inhibits SARS-CoV-2 as well as other pathogenic viruses. Its derivatives are tested in the treatment of cancer and, according to current knowledge, it should be safe – researchers from the University of Nottingham said in the pages of “Viruses”.

Scientists have noticed that tapsygargin obtained from plants activates the so-called innate immunity against three different types of viruses affecting the human respiratory system.

As a result, it has a strong antiviral effect in the case of infection with SARS-CoV-2, as well as the common coronavirus that causes colds, respiratory syncytial virus and influenza A virus.

In addition to working against the new coronavirus, the broad spectrum of activity is a huge advantage. The fact is that many respiratory infections are difficult to tell by symptoms alone, so the active substance will make it easier to treat these diseases.

According to the researchers, the ‘COVID-19 cure’ is effective when given before or during an infection. Its antiviral effect is at least several hundred times stronger than that of current drugs.

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The drug prevents the virus from making new copies for at least 48 hours after a 30-minute exposure.

It is stable at acidic pH, which means it can be administered orally. Therefore, any treatment will not require injections or hospital conditions.

Importantly, viruses do not become immune to this compound.

The substance is just as good at dealing with simultaneous infection with coronavirus and influenza as with infection with only one virus.

Its use is safe – tapsygargine derivatives are already tested in the treatment of prostate cancer.

“Although we are still at an early stage of research on this agent and its impact on the treatment of infections such as COVID-19, these results are of enormous importance” – emphasizes one of the researchers, Prof. Kin-Chow Chang.

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“The current pandemic demonstrates the need for access to effective antivirals designed to treat active infections, as is the need for access to vaccines to prevent infection. Future pandemics are likely to be animal related, meaning that diseases will spread from animals to humans and from humans to animals. For this reason, a new generation of antiviral agents such as tapsygargin could play an important role in controlling and treating major infections in both humans and animals, ”the expert emphasises.

The researcher concludes that tapsygargine has the potential to defend humanity if necessary against the as yet unknown viral “disease X” should it emerge.

You can read more about the study HERE.