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Scandal in the German police: the force hires a criminal

Police in Germany enforcing the law in the streets

A scandal in the German police: A man employed as a caretaker of the Berlin police in the complex where, among others, the command of the special forces was turned out to be a criminal. The case came to light, after which he was caught smoking marijuana and, consequentlypolice ordered to search his apartment. His background was also checked. It turned out that he is a criminal, recorded in German records.

According to the Berliner Zeitung, the watchman of the complex in Berlin-Lichterfelde, where the officers of the special forces SEK and reconnaissance officers arrive, is a left-wing extremist, convicted of his criminal activities.

“This is an incident that cannot be beaten in terms of embarrassment,” said the head of the Berlin Union of Police Officers (GdP). He emphasized that the Augostaplatz police station is a department of special units where anonymity is essential ”.

The 54-year-old caretaker started work in July this year. He was also responsible for the building at Ringbahnstrasse, where a new anti-terrorist centre is currently under construction.

Preliminary investigations by the police show that the watchman is listed on the Police Crime Registry under the category of ‘PMK – Links’ (Political Motivated Crime Links). According to information from “Berliner Zeitung”, the 54-year-old was hired by the service company Immobilienmanagement GmbH, which manages police real estate. According to a spokesman for the Berlin police, people employed by external companies are also checked for criminal records on the basis of the personal data provided. It is unclear why the entry “PMK-Links” was not noticed.

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This is the second employee of the Berlin police who turned out to be a criminal

A similar security incident occurred in 2018. In December this year, it turned out that the left-wing extremist sentenced to prison could move freely in two criminal police facilities on Brunnenstrasse and Invalidenstrasse in Mitte. He worked as a casual police assistant.

Extremists also in the German military

At the beginning of this year, the report of the Armed Forces Protection Service (MAD) – German military counterintelligence – was presented, which shows that in 2019 as many as 477 Bundeswehr soldiers were suspected of being extremist.

Last week, two former Bundeswehr soldiers were arrested in Germany on charges of forming a terrorist organisation. The men initially intended to create a mercenary force to intervene in Yemen. Subsequently, mercenary services were to be offered in other conflict regions through a private military company.

The unit was to consist of 150 mercenaries, recruited from among former policemen and soldiers. Each of them was to receive a monthly salary of 40,000. euro.

Source:  Berliner Zeitung