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This phone company is sending home 11,000 employees, 1300 are in Germany

German news. Redundancies at Vodafone. Vodafone has been known in the past to be a company that offers job stability but recent events show that things that have changed.

Several employees from this big phone might have to pack up their things and find new jobs as the company resizes. In Germany alone, 1,300 employees will lose their jobs at Vodafone.

“Our performance was not good enough”

The priority is the customer, says Vodafone’s managing director. The company’s plans are clear: cut jobs worldwide, but create new ones in the area of ​​customer relations.

“Our performance was not good enough,” says managing director Margherita Della Valle. In London on Tuesday, a Vodafone representative admitted: “In order to consistently deliver, Vodafone needs to change.” The priorities are threefold: customers, simplification and growth.

In Germany, 1,300 out of 14,300 full-time jobs are to be cut by March next year. This national project was already known. The jobs that are being given up are mainly in administration.

The conclusion is that the number of employees in Germany will decrease. In “customer-related areas” – for example in services and technology – 400 jobs are to be created .

Redundancies at Vodafone: Weaker business development in Germany

While competitors Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica (O2) are growing, the number of Vodafone customers in Germany is falling, wrote

In the last fiscal year 2023, the group’s reported operating result fell from 15.2 billion euros in the previous year to almost 14.7 billion euros.

The company attributed this primarily to higher energy costs and weaker business development in Germany.

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