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Racism in Germany: Neo-Nazi scourge within Germany’s police ranks

Neo-Nazis have penetrated the ranks of German police departments leading to cases of racism in Germany, a two-year parliamentary inquiry found. Officers have formed far-right chat groups, and police computers have been used to send death threats.

Far-right extremism is resurgent in Germany, horrifying a country that prides itself on dealing honestly with chilling elements of its past. In recent months, dozens of officers and cadets have faced disciplinary measures for sharing racist images and playing down the Holocaust. Ammunition and Nazi memorabilia were found in raids of the homes of two officers.

Political repercussions: The far-right Alternative for Germany party, known by its German initials, AfD, has aggressively courted the police. Nearly 5 percent of the AfD’s 88 lawmakers in the federal Parliament are former police officers.

Quote: “We have a problem with far-right extremism,” the interior minister of Germany’s most populous state said. “If we don’t deal with it, it will grow.”

There have been cases of cases pf obvious racial profiling that the German government chooses to ignore, we wrote about it here>>>.

What does the government have to say on Racism in Germany?

In the case of racial profiling against black people especially, this is what the spokesman, Steve Alter, told reporters in Berlin,. “So-called German police racial profiling isn’t permitted. This is taught during the initial and ongoing training, and it doesn’t happen,”

Source: NewYork Times