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Racism in Germany: German citizens, accused of preparing attacks in which they wanted to kill as many people as possible

Racism in Germany: German prosecutors have indicted 12 men on charges of plotting to attack mosques, in which suspects planned to cause as many Muslims as possible, Reuters reported on Friday.

“They aimed to create civil war-like conditions by attacking mosques and killing or injuring as many Muslims as possible,” prosecutors said in a statement.

The suspects – 11 members of a group and an accomplice – met regularly to draw up the plan and, with the exception of one, pledged to contribute thousands of euros to raise 50,000 euros to be bought weapons.

Of the suspects, all 11 German citizens are under arrest and the 12th is still at large, Stuttgart prosecutors said.

Another suspect died while in police custody, but there are no details yet about the circumstances of his death.

Germany has gone through a wave of far-right attacks in recent years against minorities and people perceived as supporters in cases that appear as Racism in Germany. We wrote about the Hanau attack that happened here>>

Members of the so-called NSU (‘National Socialist Clandestine’) group were convicted in 2018 of murdering Turkish immigrants over a decade.

Last year, another right-wing extremist tried to attack a synagogue in eastern Germany, killing two passers-by.

A supporter of this current is on trial for the assassination of Christian Democrat politician Walter Lübcke, who had supported the cause of receiving refugees during the 2015 crisis.

Far-right sympathisers were also exposed among the German police and army.