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Plans to have vaccine certificates out by summer for EU members

The European Commission (EU) on Wednesday proposed the issuing of COVID-19 vaccine certificates to allow for free travel within the EU’s member states – DW. We wrote about the rolling out of the COVID vaccine passports HERE.

The EU is hoping to revive the travel sector, but there happen to be existing fears over the fairness of such certificates especially in the midst of the doubts centred around the vaccine roll-out and the suspension at the time in Germany. We wrote about it HERE.

The EU COVID-19 vaccine certificates are set to be named ‘Digital Green Certificates’ and the proposal is set to facilitate the movement of people from one EU member state to another.

The suggested vaccine certificates will provide information on COVID-19 vaccination, recovery and test results.

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The EU will also coordinate with the World Health Organisation for the certificates to be recognised outside Europe.

The European unit has a laid out plan to finish technical work on the scheme within three months meaning member states will prepare for the issuance and verification of the certificates.

The EU aims to vaccinate 70% of its adult population by the end of the summer. 

The EU has assured that the implementation of digital certificates would be non-discriminatory and would “meet data protection, security and privacy requirements.”