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Nigerian boy who danced barefoot in the rain is given college scholarship

A former ballet dancer offered to pay for the education of a underprivileged Nigerian boy who went viral on social media after recording himself dancing ballet in the rain without shoes.

In the video that has been watched over 14 million times, the boy could be seen making amazing lines in the rain on a very wet floor.

Anthony Mmmesoma is one of the 24 students at the Leap of Dance Academy in Lagos state, an academy founded in 2017.

The dance academy to which the little Anthony Mmmesoma, 11, belongs, was the one that published the video that went viral and reached out to ex-dancer Fadé Ogunro , who asked for help to locate the minor.

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A few hours later Fadé reported that he had already contacted Anthony and that he offered to pay for his studies and that of another child until the University.

On Wednesday, June 24, Fade said she would sponsor the boy’s education until he finishes university.

Weeks later on Wednesday, July 8, the Nigerian shared a snapshot of the boy and another that she pledged to sponsor in school.

Source: Fadé Ogunro