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Church massacre in Nigeria: Attackers kill 100 people in catholic church

Church massacre in Nigeria: Gunmen stormed a church in Nigeria where they opened fire killing dozens of people including children and pregnant women, with explosive devices and machines guns.

Heavily armed perpetrators stormed St. Francis Church in the city of Owo during a Sunday service where they shot randomly at the congregation and set off explosives.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack saying that the country will never give in to evil people, and darkness will never conquer the light. Authorities initially spoke of up to 50 dead on Sunday and the government has since launched an investigation.

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The attack was assumed to be motivated by growing ethnic and religious tensions in Nigeria and is undoubtedly terrorist in nature due to its scale and brutality.

According to, a video recording was circulated on social media on Sunday, which is said to show the location of the event. Apparently dead people can be seen lying on the ground covered in blood – including children.

Jihadist and other criminal groups have carried out numerous attacks on churches in the north on Nigerian over the years and the south has been spared of such attacks.