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List of the most powerful African passport in 2023 – Nigeria ranks 49, Kenya 11

powerful African passport 2021

African news. What capabilities do we have as Africans to tour the world if you are from Africa while holding an African passport. Which African passport is the most powerful when it comes to freedom and access in 2023? We have the answer here:

Passport Index wrote that this year the African country with the most powerful passport in 2023 is Seychelles (29th with 153 points) and Mauritius (34th with 146 points) which can claim to have the most powerful African passports.

Here’s a list of African countries’ passport ranking from the most powerful to the least access in mobility in 2023:

  1. Seychelles
  2. Mauritius
  3. South Africa
  4. Botswana
  5. Lesotho
  6. Namibia
  7. Tunisia
  8. Eswatini
  9. Malawi
  10. Morocco
  11. Kenya
  12. Zambia
  13. Cape Verde
  14. Tanzania
  15. Sao Tome and Principe
  16. Gambia
  17. Ghana
  18. Uganda
  19. Rwanda
  20. Zimbabwe
  21. Sierra Leone
  22. Benin
  23. Burkina Faso
  24. Gabon
  25. Senegal
  26. Cote d’vore (Ivory Coast)
  27. Mozambique
  28. Madagascar
  29. Equatorial Guinea
  30. Egypt
  31. Niger
  32. Guinea
  33. Angola
  34. Mauritania
  35. Togo
  36. Algeria
  37. Mali
  38. Guinea- Bissau
  39. Comoros
  40. Chad
  41. Central African Republic
  42. Liberia
  43. Djibouti
  44. Cameroon
  45. Burundi
  46. Congo
  47. Congo (Dem. Rep)
  48. Sudan
  49. Nigeria
  50. South Sudan
  51. Ethiopia
  52. Eritrea
  53. Libya
  54. Somalia

Many Africans are being encouraged to travel locally and to experience what different African cultures have to offer and also to find out what could be similar.

Kenya declared in 2022 that the next year would see Kenyans enter South Africa visa free and already troves have started touring the Cape regions. that We wrote about it here: Kenyans to now enter South Africa visa-free from January.

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