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Merkel condemns police brutally attacked in rampage

A rampage took place in Stuttgart Germany where police were brutally attacked by hundreds of party-goers, more than a dozen police officers were wounded and 24 people detained after violent scuffles quickly turned into riots.

Hundreds of people unleashed a riot of an “unprecedented scale” in the early hours of Sunday in the city centre of Stuttgart, attacking police and plundering stores after smashing shop windows.

Merkels’s spokesman said the German chancellor had condemned the behaviour exhibited saying it was abhorrent. Concerns grow wild in German as many start noticing that law enforcers are increasingly treated with contempt.

Two dozen people, half of them German nationals, were arrested provisionally, as police reported at least 19 colleagues hurt.

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Bystanders started throwing stones and bottles, and smaller groups ran through surrounding streets breaking shop windows as police brutally attacked in rampage.

Police say 40 businesses were vandalised and nine of them had been looted, while 12 police vehicles were damaged before officers brought the situation under control.

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Turning against country

Merkels spokesman added that whoever was responsible had displayed signs of turning against their city , their people and those they live with and against the law that protects all.

Stuttgart deputy police chief, Thomas Berger said that tensions soared after midnight when police carried out checks on a 17-years old German Male suspected of harbouring drugs.

Crowds milling around the city’s biggest square, the Schlossplatz, immediately rallied around the young man and began flinging stones and bottles at police.

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The groups of mostly men also used sticks or poles to smash windows of police vehicles on the square, which is next to the regional parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg as well as the state’s finance ministry.

Only one of the officers was seriously hurt to be considered unable to work, police said. Of the 24 people arrested, seven were below 18 years old and seven were between the ages of 18 and 21. At least seven will be brought before a judge, according to Thomas Berger, the city’s police vice president.