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High prices in Germany: a sharp increase in the prices of bread and other bakery products

High prices in Germany: The prices of many foods, products and services rose sharply in Germany. Now bread is also getting more expensive!

High prices of bread and other bakery products in Germany

According to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, the cost of grain has recently increased by 34.4 percent. While the cost of sugar has increased by up to 40 percent, compared to 2020.

Raisins, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, used to make pastries, come from the outside. In some cases, transportation costs have increased tenfold, complains Hans Kamm, president of the Berlin Bakers Association.

In addition, gas, energy and fuel prices rose sharply in the country. All this has an effect on the rise in the price of bread.

The price of a prochin in Berlin increased from 30 to 33 cents, and from 40 to 45 cents in the region of “Münsterland” in North Rhine-Westphalia. The prices of sweet pastries rose from 1.20 euros to 1.30 euros. The price of white bread has increased by 5 per cent compared to 2020, and toast by up to 10 per cent and prices are still rising.

And the newspaper Bäckerzeitung warns that many companies will “collapse” due to the burden of the Corona crisis and the sharp rise in prices. According to Bild newspaper, the companies will pass all costs on to consumers now, and a piece of protein could soon cost “more than one euro”.

Germany: Prices increase for many products

High food prices in Germany are not the only problem

Because of inflation in Germany, there is a risk of an increase in the prices of many essential goods, not just food products. All price increases apply to the amounts that stores pay to purchase goods from producers. While it is still unknown how much consumers will actually pay for these products. However, all the major supermarkets are also struggling with higher energy and transportation costs, so it is very likely that we will have to pay a little more for many products soon.