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Germany, woman raped on the street, witnesses needed

Germany: In Bavaria, a 38 year old woman was raped on the street in Dingolfing near a gas station. The woman was able to notify her husband, who pursued the alleged perpetrator.

The police said the woman was walking home shortly before 10 P.M on Monday evening when a stranger approached a gas station and wanted to kiss her.

The woman resisted the man’s advances pulling away from the man, then he rape her.

She called her husband by phone who came over and chased the perpetrator for abut 500 metres until he lost sight of him.

The police looked for the rapist with a large contingent but were unsuccessful.

The criminal police asked for the help of the population in catching or identifying the man. the perpetrator is around 30 years old, around 175 cm tall. He was wearing dark trousers and a dark coloured T-shirt, had neglected teeth and a beard, dark brown short hair, brown eyes and a slightly squat figure.

He was also noted to be smelling of alcohol and spoke German with an accent.

Source: dpa, speigel,