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Germany: More restrictions for those unvaccinated in October

Germany: From August 23 there will be stricter restrictions that will make life more difficult for those who are unvaccinated. From October going forwards, the pressure will increase even more for them.

A Covid pass will be required in all areas with a seven-day incidence rate above 35. The new rules apply to all people who are neither fully vaccinated not convalescent.

People who have not been vaccinated or have the status of a convalescent from today, on August 23, must undergo a coronavirus test if they want to go to a pub, hairdresser, concert or overnight in a hotel, for example.

A negative test result must also be presented when visiting patients in hospitals and people in care homes.

The requirement of tests and other restrictions will apply in all federal sates where the seven day incidence will be stably below 35 infections per 100,000 residents.

Seven-day incidence rate for Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants will continue to be the decisive measure of the introduction of restrictions. In the future, however, the region’s vaccination and hospital occupancy are also to be taken into account.

Different state heads may suspended the application of these rules when the seven-day incidence in a federal state remains steadily below 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

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From October onwards, the pressure on the unvaccinated will increase even more. Free Citizenship Tests will be lifted from October 11th. This means that after this date, unvaccinated people who want to go, for example, to a church or restaurant, will have to privately test for the presence of coronavirus.

The federal and provincial governments have agreed to end the free testing, because everyone in Germany can now get vaccinated without any problems.