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Germany restrictions: Does vaccination exempt me from lockdown measures?

There is a new set of restrictions that determine what freedoms you have in Germany and what is prohibited. Issuance of the vaccine has been at hand as more people resolve to receiving it should it grant them more access. But does the vaccine exempt someone from lockdown restrictions?

There is a debate on what regulations should be undertaken for vaccinated people. reported that Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for them to be allowed to visit restaurants or cinemas . “A vaccinated person does not take a ventilator away from anyone,” said the SPD politician of “Bild am Sonntag”. This eliminates a central reason for restrictions on fundamental rights.

The ministry of Health has rejected this notion as freedoms should be granted to all and not just a chosen few. This appears as if the lockdown is punishment yet it is for the safety of all.

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Do vaccinated people face exemptions?

Maas received widespread criticism for the time of his advance. “As long as it is not clear whether a vaccinated person can transmit the virus, there can be no exceptions,” said the Ministry of Health.

Maas emphasized: “Vaccinated people should be able to exercise their basic rights again.” He referred to currently closed restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums. “They have the right to reopen their businesses at some point if there is a possibility. And there is when more and more people are vaccinated. Because once there are only vaccinated people in the restaurant or cinema, they can no longer do so endanger each other. “