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Germany, Rapid Corona tests become big business worth millions

Rapid corona tests are becoming big business in Germany with every large city requiring people to take the tests to gain admission into clubs, bars, shops and franchises.

The tests can be found in every Germany city and have been very slowly littering the city since spring. German Health Minister Jens Sphan counted over 15,000 test sites in Mid-April but he assumed there could be far more.

Germany has already taken steps to abolish priority vaccination making it easier for all to acquire the jab for people of all ages, in order to gain restriction freedoms that were being lifted for vaccinated people.

Testing is no longer restricted to pharmacies or by aid organisations but also in bars, converted buses, fitness studios among others, but to do this one has to be certified as a test centre by the responsible authorities.

There are however no great demands to being a test centre, you just have to make sure that necessary hygiene regulations are followed. The only consequence is that private providers are flooding the market because a great sum of money can be made quickly with the corona rapid tests.

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1.44 million rapid tests were reported by 450 registered test centres in the capital in the past two months. In March, 1.3 million euros were paid out for its implementation, and around 16.7 million euros in April.

“In addition, around 8 million euros were reimbursed for the PoC antigen tests that were procured and prepared in advance,” said a spokeswoman. In other words: In March and April alone, a total of 26 million euros were generated in Berlin with corona rapid tests – Business insider.

Many test centres only employ mini-jobbers on a EUR 450 basis in order to save costs. In addition, the Corona quick tests in procurement cost only 2.50 to 4.50 euros per piece – significantly less than the 6 euros that the federal government pays for them. The profit margins in the rapid test business are high.

Source: Business Insider