COVID-19, Why you have to stay for observation for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination?

COVID-19 15-minute observation

Dr Martin Terhardt, vaccination doctor and STIKO member, explains why you have to wait at the doctor’s or at the vaccination centre for a 15-minute observation after the COVID-19 vaccination. He also explains which people are recommended to stay for an observation period of 30 minutes.

Observation after vaccination is always recommended if rare but short-term vaccination reactions may be expected. Some of these include circulatory reactions involving falls or panic attacks or short-term allergic reactions.

If such rare reactions occur, the necessary medical help should be available. That’s why after the COVID-19 vaccination a routine observation period in the vaccination centre or doctor’s practice of at least 15 minutes.

Can the COVID-19 vaccination require a longer time than the 15-minute observation period?

Longer observation periods of 30 minutes are recommended as a precaution for certain at-risk people, such as those who have previously had a severe allergic reaction to other medication or vaccines or those who have suffered an allergic shock.

This applies for people who are also using a strong anticoagulant medication or suffer from serious underlying conditions of the heart or lungs

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