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Germany, quarantine and immigration controls increased, can you cross the border?

Germany: The immigration controls at airports by the federal police and the monitoring of quarantine obligations by the health authorities are to be increased as Federal Interior minister Horst Seehofer doesn’t want to introduce stationery border controls in the summer.

Anyone travelling by car is warned of random checks at the border.

Health authorities now have more capacity to monitor compliance with the quarantine of travellers returning more closely due to the low number of infection.

Federal state and Local authorities must ensure that the corona rules and regulations are observed by people in Germany.

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Germany has not classified any of its neighbours as high risk areas but random checks are still being conducted on travellers near the border.

Travellers who have been in a risk area, high incidence area or virus variant area in the past ten days must however fill out an electronic entry form before arriving in Germany.

Source: dpa, Zeit