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Germany: Pre-sale for EUR 29 Ticket has started. Here’s all you need to know

Free Berlin ticket

Pre-sale for EUR 29 Ticket. The Berlin ticket, inspired by the renowned Deutschland Ticket, offers unlimited travel on all public transport for just €29 per month. Here are the key features.

Ticket pre-sale for 29 euros has started in Berlin

The new €29 ticket covers all regional trains, suburban trains, metro, trams, and buses within the AB fare zone, extending to the borders of Berlin. It’s designed to provide an economical option compared to the Deutschlandticket, which offers nationwide public transport access across Germany.

The pre-sale for the Berlin ticket priced at 29 euros began on Tuesday (23/04). It’s available for purchase online. However, this ticket will only be valid starting from July 1. It can be obtained as a subscription through a phone application or a plastic card. Initially, it has a minimum validity of one year, after which it can be canceled monthly.

Besides online sales, the ticket can also be bought at BVG customer service centers. It’s not available from ticket machines. You can receive it digitally via the app or as a physical plastic card.
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The ticket is personal

Similar to the nationwide Deutschlandticket, this ticket is personalized and allows for travel with a child up to 6 years old or with a dog. The reintroduction of the €29 ticket fulfills a promise made by the SPD during the election campaign, as reported by This ticket was previously in effect from October 2022 to April 2023 as a relief measure for Berlin residents due to a significant increase in the cost of living during that period.