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Students to Enjoy Free Nationwide Travel with Deutschlandticket – Starting August!

Free Deutschlandticket for students. Students in this German city will soon enjoy free bus and train travel across Germany. The complimentary ticket is set to roll out in the upcoming school year. Last Wednesday, members of parliament unanimously supported the motion proposed by the ruling SPD and Green parties. Ole Buschhüter, spokesperson for transport policy of the SPD parliamentary group, revealed that the free student ticket will be available shortly after the conclusion of this year’s summer holidays, ending on August 28.

Free Deutschlandticket for students

In the future, students attending schools in Hamburg will have the opportunity to travel for free on buses and trains throughout Germany. The federal parliament made the decision on this matter. The complimentary student ticket from the HVV transport association will be available in the form of a Deutschlandticket after the conclusion of this year’s summer holidays.
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The Hamburg red-green coalition is delivering on its promise outlined in the 2020 coalition agreement, ensuring that students can utilize local transport within the HVV area free of charge. It’s worth noting that at the time of the agreement, the Deutschlandticket was not yet available.

Ole Buschhüter, transport policy spokesperson for the SPD parliamentary group, emphasized that the ticket, valid nationwide, exceeds the initial commitment. He stated, “This is a practical initiative that eases the financial strain on families and ensures students enjoy unrestricted mobility, even during leisure time, school trips, and with their families.” Senator for Transport Anjes Tjarks (Greens) described it as “a significant step in alleviating financial pressures on families, youth, and children.” The Senate is prepared to allocate funds for this purpose.
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Is the transport free for seniors and trainees?

In an extra proposal, the CDU pushed for free public transport to extend to seniors, interns, and city workers. “I see no justification for them to receive different treatment,” remarked Richard Seelmaecker, spokesperson for the parliamentary group on transport. Nevertheless, this supplementary appeal was turned down.