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Germany: RKI reports two minors infected with monkeypox

German news. minors infected in Germany with monkeypox. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) two minors in Germany were infected with monkey pox. In the RKI ‘s database, one case is listed in the age group 15 and another in the age group 17 years.

Both the infected parties are said to be male.

The RKI wrote in its assessment of the situation in Germany that no cases were as of yet reported making it unclear if the institute became aware of the case afterwards.

The RKI also emphasised that infections “primarily occurred in the context of sexual activities, currently especially among men who have sexual contact with other men.

There has only been five cases of the female infection in the country and the institute has assessed the risk for the general population in Germany as low.

WHO issues a high alert for monkeypox

In view of the rapid spread of monkeypox, the WHO declared the highest alert level last weekend. The worldwide spread of the infectious disease is unusual, so far it was essentially limited to six African countries.

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The disease has affected nearly 17,000 people in 74 countries, the director-general announced.

There have so far been 16,016 monkeypox cases – 4,132 of which were in the past weeks according to data from WHO. It is now in 75 countries and territories and there have been five deaths.

Source: dpa, rnd