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    “After the vaccination, I was left with a smaller breast size!”, the effects on women discussed in Germany, what do the experts say

    What are the effects of the Coronavirus vaccine on women? There are women who report having larger breasts after vaccination, this is the issue that was discussed in the  “Faktenfuchs” on the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR). In addition to quite common reactions, such as headaches, chills or even fever for a short time after the injection, a different […] More

  • German emergency phrases

    15 German emergency phrases

    You are learning German? Here are 15 words and phrases that are useful in an emergency, when we have to call for help: Hilfe! – help! Polizei!  – Police! Man muss die Polizei (die Feuerwehr, der Notarzt) rufen – You have to call the police (fire brigade, ambulance service) Achtung!  – Caution! Bitte helfen Sie mir   – Please […] More

  • Germany AstraZeneca vaccine

    COVID-19, Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe and effective

    General practitioner and Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) member Prof. Eva Hummers from the University of Göttingen explains why the AstraZeneca vaccine is actually a very good one – and that it has an especially positive ratio of risk to benefit, particularly for people over 60. Here’s why? Some people have been unsure about the […] More

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    COVID-19, Why you have to stay for observation for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination?

    Dr Martin Terhardt, vaccination doctor and STIKO member, explains why you have to wait at the doctor’s or at the vaccination centre for a 15-minute observation after the COVID-19 vaccination. He also explains which people are recommended to stay for an observation period of 30 minutes. Observation after vaccination is always recommended if rare but short-term […] More

  • COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

    Can the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines change your DNA?

    COVID-19: Lars Dölken, Professor of Virology at the University of Würzburg, explains why the “mRNA vaccines” (Moderna, Biontech) cannot change your DNA. He explains that it is not possible for the mRNA vaccine to change one’s DNA. This is because the vaccine does not enter the nucleus of our cells where DNA is found. it […] More

  • COVID-19 vaccine reaction

    COVID-19, what reactions can the vaccine cause after injection

    Most people are worried about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and what reactions it can cause. Here’s what reactions to the vaccine you should expect: Reactions to a vaccine are an indication that your immune system is working, explains the virologist Professor Hartmut Hengel from the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg. Reactions to the vaccine […] More

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    COVID-19, why you should get vaccinated even after infection

    If you have been infected by COVID-19 before, you can still get vaccinated. Professor Ulrike Protzer of the Technical University of Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum München research centre explained why you need the COVID-19 vaccination even after. If you have been infected with the virus before and it failed to progress to a very serious […] More

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    Ramadan: Ten mistakes that cause you fatigue during fasting

    People fasting sometimes make some common mistakes that may cause thirst and fatigue during Ramadan. Here, we review some of the habits that can be practised to reduce the fatigue of fasting. We wrote about the timetable for the Islamic Holy month here for Ramadan in 2021, know dates and time. 1- Drinking large quantities of […] More

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    Free multilingual breastcare app launched in Germany

    Breastcare, a free multilingual breastcare app with comprehensive information on breast cancer and early detection is now available. It is an extremely important app that can save lives of all women in German, be they German-speaking women or women with other linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The breastcare app has been launched by Pink Ribbon Germany, […] More

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