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Racism in Germany, Man arrested for racially insulting woman

In a case of racism in Germany, a 36-year-old woman was racially insulted by a 53 year-old man on Monday 1st June in Neukölln. The man was arrested by the police from Section 55.

Upon investigations and testimonies being carried out, the results were that the suspect was said to have racially insulted and threatened the 36 years old woman walking past him on Hermannstrasse and Siegfriedstrasse at around 3:30 p.m.

Passers-by then alerted the police and when filing the complaint he also racially insulted a policewoman.

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Germany, Anti-Racism helpline available in Essen

The man was taken to police custody from which he was released after an identification service. He was also given a breath alcohol test that produced a value of 2.3 per mile.

The state police has taken over the investigation in the case.

Racism in Germany has often gone investigated by the police. This has led to organisations forming helplines that cater especially to Africans in Germany like this one in Essen: Anti-Racism helpline available in Essen