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Germany: Knife attack in Berlin Ostkreuz train station, man stabbed during rush hour

Knife attack in Berlin Ostkreuz train station Germany where a man was stabbed during rush hour.

Knife attack: A man has been stabbed in the back during rush hour at Berlin Ostkreuz train station.

The victim (46) was waiting for his S-Bahn at around 6:40 am on Tuesday when suddenly someone bumped into him on the platform of Ringbahn, they then had a slight altercation leading to the attack.

The stabbed man saved himself by rushing to the Deutsche Bahn security staff who attended to him and through security footage were able to catch the perpetrator and hold him until the federal police arrived.

The knife was later found on the track bed and the knife attack victim treated on site by paramedics who then took him to hospital for further treatment.

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According to BILD, The alleged perpetrator, an Iraqi, is already known to the police. When officers checked his personal details, they found that he had four warrants for his arrest for property crime and violation of the Narcotics Act.

At the time of arrest the Iraqi was apparently on drugs and was also intoxicated. The suspect was taken into police custody. He is now under investigated for, among other things, suspicion of dangerous bodily hard and violation of the Narcotics act.

The federal police are looking for witnesses to the incident. Notes: ☎ 030 297 77 90.

Source: BILD