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Germany, Kenyans violently attacked in Prenzlau by group of people

Germany: 2 Kenyan were attacked by several people in Prenzlau (Uckermark) and one was left injured. It was announced by the Uckermark police station and according to information disclosed, the victims were to Kenyans, 26 and 27 years old.

One of them was hit on the head with a fist and his companion was injured on the hand with a knife.

The two men managed to escape and they informed the police of their plight. A subsequent manhunt was launched but that was unsuccessful.

The police assume that there were four male perpetrators who were carrying a dog.

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The state security of the Police Directorate East responsible for political crimes, is investigating the case. The attackers motives are still unclear.

The police asked witnesses to come forward. The investigators can be reached on 03984/350 or on the Internet at

Every other police station is to receive information about the incident.

Source: dpa,