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Germany introduces a new vaccine, Novavax which is expected to give a boost to the vaccination rate

Novavax vaccine arrives in Germany: The German authorities are considering a new vaccine, Novavax vaccine which is expected to give a boost to the vaccination rate in Germany which is currently at 75.2%

Nonavax vaccine in Germany
Nonavax vaccine arrives in Germany and its expected to boost vaccination rates

The Nonavax vaccine employs a more traditional technology which is also used in Hepatitis B or Flu vaccines. According to a survey conducted, half of Germany’s unvaccinated people would consider the Nonavax vaccine because it employs a more traditional technology. Other than that, the Nonavax vaccine does not use fetal stem lines in its development and it is not getting objections from Christians who have objected to the other existing vaccines.

How does the Nonavax vaccine that has arrived in Germany work?

Nonavax vaccine is induced in the immune response with a surface of coronavirus and then injected into the body. These proteins are produced in moth cells in the lab. After trials, the Nonavax vaccine shows fewer and mild side effects compared to the mRNA vaccine. The vaccine can also be stored at normal fridge temperatures making it easier o distribute across the globe.

Just like the mRNA vaccine it has two shots that are administered 3 weeks apart from each other. Experts are saying that mRNA technology should not be dismissed for it can be useful in future vaccines development.

Germany’s health minister has showed his doubts whether the vaccine has the ability to boost the vaccination rate.

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