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Germany Covid-19, Vaccinated and recovered people to have restrictions rules eased

Germany: Germans who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus are to be exempt from many of the country’s tough COVID-19 restrictions under new rules to be introduced this week. Germany faces eased restrictions.

According to a letter from the chancellors’s office obtained by German Media Dpa on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party and its Social Democrat coalition partners have signed off on the new draft new rules.

Germany’s COVID-19 restrictions that are to be eased will include greater access to shops and other services which will follow with an exception from nighttime curfew and restrictions on private contacts.

The new change also bring about the fact that about 8 percent of the population who are fully vaccinated with the recovered 3 million should be able to enter shops or go to the hair dresser’s without undergoing a test.

Upon returning to Germany, you would be required to quarantine unless you had travelled to an area where a virus variant is particularly rampant. But you will still be required to wear a mask in certain public places as well as to follow social distancing measures.

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Several of Germany’s 16 states have already begun to apply parts of the new regulations allowing vaccinated people to be considered to be on the same level with those who have tested negative.

There has been a steady decline in the number of new infections leading the country to ease the restrictions.

By the end of the week, both houses of the German parliament are expected to approve legislation granting the fully vaccinated or those who have recovered freedom from some of the strictest parts of Germany’s anti-pandemic measures. 

The new rules will likely come into force on Saturday.

Source: dpa