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Germany coronavirus restrictions: The authorities are considering further restrictions

Germany coronavirus restrictions: The federal government and German federal states are considering further restrictions to stop the coronavirus pandemic, the dpa agency reported, referring to a draft document to be discussed during Monday’s video-conference between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of federal governments.

Next, after those introduced at the beginning of November and referred to as “lockdown light”, restrictions are to apply, among others, to social contacts.

According to the draft, members of one household and up to two people from another household will be able to stay together in public places. Authorities are to recommend that private celebrations be completely abandoned until Christmas.

In schools that remain open, all students and teachers are to wear protective masks. All classes are to be halved to ensure greater distance between individual students.

People particularly vulnerable to coronavirus infection, incl. elderly and sick, they are to receive high-strength protective masks of the FFP2 type.

These will still be closed, among others bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms and fitness clubs. German Chancellor Angela Merkel state what chnages will be in effect.

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In the document prepared for the Monday conference between Chancellor Merkel and the heads of government of the federal states, the need for “further efforts” is emphasised, as “we have four difficult winter months ahead”.

The German authorities hope that the start of vaccination will allow the pandemic to gradually overcome the pandemic. We wrote about the vaccination being found here>>.

On Sunday morning, the Berlin Institute of Robert Koch (RKI) informed about nearly 17,000 new coronavirus infections per day and over 100 more deaths. Thus, the total number of people infected with Covid-19 in Germany increased to 790,503 and deaths to 12,485. (PAP)