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Germany: Car accident in Berlin leaves 7 injured

As a result of a car accident in Berlin in the morning hours yesterday, 7 people were injured, this was confirmed by local authorities informed shortly before noon. 

The accident was an unfortunate event, not a deliberate act. The driver lost control of the steering wheel.

An investigation into this is ongoing. The driver was stopped and questioned.

“The car accident in Berlin was caused by speeding,” the Berlin Fire Department tweeted. “There is no indication of the perpetrator’s political or religious motivation,” writes the Associated Press.

New rules and regulations in Germany that have been in effect since July

As underlined in the fire brigade’s announcement, the condition of three pedestrians is serious. It was necessary to revive one person, excavated from under the car with the help of a crane.

The incident took place at Hardenbergplatz near the Zoological Garden station. The fire brigade and the police participated in the rescue operation. A helicopter was also directed to her. (PAP)

Source: Polski Obserwator