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Germany: ‘3G’ rule on trains and domestic flights. Angela Merkel’s new idea

Germany: Many question whether the ‘3G’ rule will also be enforced to trains and domestic flights? So far there’s a high chance that the rule might apply:

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) wants to introduce the principle of “3G” ( Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet ) ,according to which, in the near future, only vaccinated people, convalescents or travellers with a valid coronavirus test will be allowed to travel on domestic routes by trains and planes.

The German Ministry of Transport is sceptical that the regulation can even be introduced. It is also not known who would control compliance with the ‘3G’ rule. Currently, conductors and the police, apart from checking tickets, control the obligation to wear a mask.

It has also been found that at railway stations it is almost impossible to check compliance with the Germany’s 3G rule, as it does when boarding a train.

Traffic expert Kirsten Lühmann (SPD) told BILD LIVE that additional restrictions for train travelers “are not necessary. We must wear a mask on the train. This protects the vaccinated and unvaccinated. ‘ He also added that “the air in the carriages is changed every 7.5 minutes.”

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The seven-day incidence of new infections on Friday, August 27, was 70.3 in Germany (previous day: 66.0, week ago: 48.8). 12,029 new cases (previous week: 9,280) and 14 deaths related to Covid-19 were recorded within 24 hours. In the previous week, the number of deaths was 13.