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Germany 2021 changes : More money for families from 2021 with child benefit, unemployment benefit

Germany 2021 changes: There will be some changes for parents and families in the new year 2021. You will receive more child benefit in 2021 and the child allowances for income tax are also increasing:

Changes to child benefit: Parents get 15 euros more per child

Parents will get 15 euros more child benefit next year . The Second Family Relief Act provides for this in order to strengthen families. From January 1, 2021 there will be:

  • 219 euros for the first child
  • 219 euros for the second child
  • 225 euros for the third child
  • 250 euros for the fourth child
  • 250 euros for each additional child

Up to 20 euros more child allowance for low-income families

In addition to child benefit, the child allowance for families with low incomes will also be increased significantly from January 1, 2021: It will increase from 185 euros by 20 euros to up to 205 euros per month per child.

Exemptions will increase in 2021

In addition, the child allowances increase to 144 euros per parent. A couple comes to 8,388 euros annually, on which no income tax is due.

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Changes to basic security and social assistance: More money for parents of young people between 14 and 17 years of age

Those who receive state benefits such as unemployment benefit II, social assistance or basic security will also receive more money from January 2021. The following table shows the difference to 2020 in brackets:


In the future, not only the costs of landline and internet will be covered, but also for mobile phones. The state also pays the actual costs for accommodation and heating, provided that these are “reasonable”, as it is called. You orientate yourself on the rents on the local housing market.

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4.50 euros more for school supplies

So far, families with low incomes have received financial support of 150 euros per school year for materials such as books, exercise books and pens. The amount increases to 154.50 euros from January .

At the beginning of next year, 51.50 euros will initially be paid for the beginning of the second half of the school year, followed by the remaining amount of 103 euros in the summer for the first half of the school year.

From 2021, the personal school requirement is to increase annually by the same percentage as the standard requirement.

Longer Christmas Holidays in Germany: This is how 2021 starts for schoolchildren, with pleasant changes!

13 out of 16 federal states will start their vacation earlier this year due to the corona pandemic . With the exception of Baden-Württemberg, Bremen and Thuringia, the Christmas holidays start nationwide on December 19th. An extension is not excluded in Berlin, for example , where January 2nd is the last day of the holiday.

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