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France: Court jails former Rwandan official for 20 years for crimes against humanity

Rwandan official jailed for 20 years for crimes against humanity.

World news. A court in France has jailed a former Rwandan official for 20 years after they found him guilty of complicity in genocide.

The man, Laurent Bucyibaruta (78), is the highest ranking Rwandan to face trail in France over the 1994 massacres where he was found to have had a hand in planning mass killings.

Many Rwandans have in the past, and also now, support the current president Kagame in his efforts to get France and other countries to arrest and try all suspects hiding in Europe to avoid trial wrote DW.

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What did people have to say about the trial’s result?

‘What about the French government the supplied the killers with guns and other logistics? Hypocrisy our gods are watching you nonsense.’

‘Countries hosting African criminals are complicit and accomplice of injustice in Africa.’

‘What a mockery of the African race and humanity. Who where the master behind the genocide? Why did it take more than 25 years to get him convicted? Hypocrisy.’

‘Justice well served, genocide is a war crime or crime against humanity flouting both international humanitarian law and International human rights law… I believe many of such combatants still hiding, dig them out and let the law take its decide their fate. Well seeved!!!’

‘I am still waiting to see when Britain will always do same for the killing of 3 millions biafrans’