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Female asylum seeker in Germany brutalised during deportation attempt – IWS

An organisation fighting for rights of migrant and refugee women has criticised German authorities for brutalising a female asylum seeker during a forced deportation attempt.

The International Women Space (IWS) said that on 7th September 2016, around 4:00 am in a Heim in Hennigsdorf, a refugee woman was “compelled out of her room, violently pushed into a police car and taken to the airport in one more forced deportation attempt.”

The lower part of the lady’s nightgown was full of blood
The lower part of the lady’s nightgown was full of blood

They didn’t succeed to deport the woman because “the pilot refused to take in a woman in such a distress,” IWS said.

The organisation said police officers “violently” pushed the woman, humiliated and handcuffed her as if she “was a dangerous criminal.”

Members of the IWS went to Hennigsdorf to see the woman after she resisted her deportation.

“What followed was a horror display of more violence against her and also against us, her friends,” IWS said.

Hennigsdorf-deportation1When the member of IWS arrived at the Heim at around noon, the woman “was nervous, weak, scared. Her arms were red and swollen. Her nightgown, clothes she was wearing when she was arrested, was full of blood; her back had red marks left by the police.”

After noticing that the lady needed medical assistance, they called an ambulance.

However, the ambulance nurses “didn’t seem interested in helping her,” IWS said.

They seemed more worried about a mobile phone a member of IWS was using to film the scene.

One of the male nurses asked the IWS members to delete their footage and they did so “in order to calm them down” and let the lady receive the medical attention she needed.

IWS said the nurses all the same decided to create a scene out of the short and meaningless discussion about the filming and ended up calling the police.

“There was absolutely no need for creating such a fuss,” IWS said. “There was the need to help a woman to go to the hospital. That was their main duty. That is why they were called.”

The police came, asked the IWS a few questions, and left.

The incident left IWS members wondering why refugees should be treated like criminals or suspects.

The organisation said such things only happen because of racism. Since “racism is an irrational feeling, the result cannot be other than violence,” IWS said.