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How to donate and help evacuate stranded Africans in Ukraine

Evacuate Africans from Ukraine: Black people and anti-racism support groups have started an initiative to go to the Polish borders to bring stranded Africans to safety.

As military operations continue in Ukraine, people fleeing violence wait to board an evacuation train at the railway station in Lviv, in Ukraine’s westernmost corner, near the Polish border. You can help evacuate stranded Africans from Ukraine by making donations (Photo: © UNICEF/UN0598107/Moskaliuk)

It is so unfortunate that in times of war and unrest, black people usually experience massive disadvantages. Its time we stood together as one to fight this racism and violation of human rights.

This appeal also goes to all other migrant groups. Currently only Ukranian people are allowed to cross the border. It is important for the black community to join hands and help those in need, especially those trapped in this conflict.

The following is what is needed and any form of help will be of great help.

  • Charter of 2 buses
  • Allowance for drivers
  • Petrol
  • Power banks
  • Generators
  • Pocket warmers
  • Food

Donate now at:

For further information, send an email to:

The fundraising and evacuation exercises are organised and coordinated by Asmara’s World, TANG e.V. and VMA e.V.

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