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COVID-19, Berlin introduces compulsory testing at schools

Berlin is introducing compulsory testing for schoolchildren. The senate agreed on this decision during a telephone conference on Thursday.

The Senate Department for Education announced that two tests per week would be compulsory from the 19 of April. The tests will no longer be conducted at home as done before.

Institutions will continue to alternate teaching in learning group with half the class size. It remains that grades 7-9 will remain exempt for the time being but are expected to follow suite from April 19th.

70 million euros for schools and daycare centres

The senate decided that a 70 Million support package for school and day-care centres in the pandemic was decided for distribution. This is inclusive of additional mobile air purification devices for schools should the school bodies request it.

This is in addition to the existing 1200 devices, 2800 more will be purchased before the Easter Holiday season.

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700,000 additional FFP2 masks and medical masks for schools

In addition, the state is providing another 700,000 FFP2 masks as well as medical masks for the staff in every school, day care centre, day care centre for children as well as inpatient facilities for youth and integration assistance.

Fever thermometers for schools and day-care centres are also being purchased on a large scale.

Source: dpa