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Coronavirus in Germany: Masks will soon become mandatory in cars

Coronavirus in Germany : Important changes for drivers in Germany as soon, masks will become mandatory in the first aid kit in cars.

Two pieces of masks should be placed in each car first aid kit in Germany. On Saturday, September 25, the daily Rheinische Post announced the draft changes to be made by the German Federal Ministry of Transport.

These changes will become permanent in cars, trucks, and buses, not only during a pandemic . According to the German newspaper, the German Ministry of Transport confirmed that masks will become mandatory in cars.

Germany, drivers to face higher fines for traffic violations

According to the information, anyone who does not add two masks to the first aid kit in the car will have to pay a fine. So far, the fine is €5 for the lack of mandatory equipment in a first aid kit in Germany. The changes are due to take effect in 2022.