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Coronavirus, Germany launches digital COVID-19 certificate

Germany: Berlin intents to start full usage of the digital immunity certificate by the end of June to make it easier for people to have proof of vaccination against coronavirus in Germany.

German health Minister Jens Spahn said on Thursday the 10th of June 2021 that Germany will roll out a digital immunity certificate ‘CovPass’ by the end of June.

The Health Minister said that the digital pass will be available alongside Germany’s traditional yellow paper vaccination booklet.

Coronavirus cases in Germany saw the government rule that vaccine priority lists will be abolished and those people who recovered have recently become exempt from restrictions in Germany .

This also includes travel restrictions. We wrote about EU countries you can travel to after vaccination.

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Germany: Digital vaccination certificates are coming

Germans will be able to prove they have been fully vaccinated by showing an app on their smartphones. For those who have already received all their shots are supposed to be able to receive their digital certification.

Germany offers vaccines in vaccinations centres by pharmacist and general practitioners and since very recently by company doctors.

All those who have already received their second vaccination at the vaccination centre are supposed to automatically receive their vaccination e-certificate by post in the next few weeks.

Using the QR code contained therein, the data can be uploaded to the apps intended for this, such as “CovPass” or the Corona warning app.

Source: DW