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Coronavirus cases in Germany surge past 67,000 as death toll continues to rise

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected 67,366 in Germany and killed 732 people, a new report by the German disease and epidemic control center, Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows.

The incidence (cases per 100,000) of COVID-19 is highest in Hamburg (126), Bavaria (126) and Baden-Württemberg (121).

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Most of the people infected (73%) are between the ages of 15 and 59 years old. Fifty two percent of the infected are men while 48% are women.

At least 86% of the people killed by coronavirus are aged 70 years or older.

Some of the measures introduced by the German authorities to curb the spread of the virus include banning of gatherings of more than 2 persons (with the exception of families and household members) in all states. Restaurants and businesses concerned with body care have also been closed.

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On March 31/03/2020 German authorities declared the entire countries of France and Spain are declared as international risk areas.

Distribution of the laboratory-confirmed COVID-19-cases per federal state in Germany as on 1/4/2020

Baden-Wuerttemberg 13,410

Bavaria 16,497

Berlin 2,754

Brandenburg 881

Bremen 311

Hamburg 2,311

Hesse 3,445

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 406

Lower Saxony 4,382

North Rhine-Westphalia 14,351

Rhineland-Palatinate 2,899

Saarland 829

Saxony 2,034

Saxony-Anhalt 750

Schleswig-Holstein 1,246

Thuringia 860

Total 67,366