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Coronavirus: Austria makes decision to vaccinate entire population, is Germany next?

Coronavirus: The Austrian government made an announcement that they would be subjecting their ENTIRE population to MANDATORY vaccination from February the 1st 2022.

Visiting quarantined mother, communicating through a glass window

The government gave the drastic directive and added that those who do not comply will receive heavy fines or go to jail.

BBC reported that the government had also declared that there will be full lockdown from Monday lasting at least 10 days, in a bid to avoid a “fifth wave” of Covid

Germany has been debating about the same course with the introduction of more restrictions to people when in public spaces. This could be the next step in curbing new infections.

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The Former Minister of Justice Maria Berger (SPÖ) pointed out that the government had used ‘milder means’ such as vaccination campaigns, ‘persuasion’ and enforcing restrictions on unvaccinted people, and these were not exhausted.

Stronger more harsh methods needed to be put in place.

All those who are not vaccinated in Vienna will receive a letter with a vaccination date showing what date and time their appointments are.