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American comedian Dave Chappelle attacked with bladed weapon during live show

Dave Chappelle was attacked by by a man who rushed him on stage and was wielding a weapon.

Rude shock on American comedian Dave Chappelle who was attacked on stage by a man with a bladed weapon during a show in Los Angeles for Netflix. The man managed to also tackle him to the ground.

The comedian performed Tuesday night (May 3rd) at the Hollywood Bowl when a fan rushed at the stage and tried to attack him. Footage from the show showed a man suddenly rushing at Chappelle and tackling him to the ground.

Within seconds however, Chappelle’s security caught the attacker who, NBC reported, was a 23-year-old man. He was held under control and taken off the stage with people on social media sharing several clips of the incident on Twitter and TikTok.

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According to, nothing is known about the motive of the perpetrator but after the attack officials apparently secured a dummy firearm from him, from which a blade can be extended.

The man has been taken into custody for the time period due to the fat the man had with him a deadly weapon. According to the report, $30,000 was requested as bail.