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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns amid government scandal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns amid government scandal.

World news. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (58) reigned from his post as head of the conservative Tory party today (Thursday 7 July 2022).

Johnson had previously refused to leave the post and the day before BBC has reported on Johnson’s plan to resign and by noon the next day it was official.

Labour leader Keir Starmer (59) welcomed the resignation and said that it was good news but that it should have have happened a long time ago.

According to TAG24, Johnson narrowly survived a no-confidence vote in his group a month ago. But now the next scandal: The latest government crisis in Westminster was triggered by an affair involving Johnson’s party colleague Chris Pincher (52), who is accused of sexual harassment.

It was previously revealed that Johnson knew about the allegations against Pincher before he promoted him to a key faction office.

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