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Beyonce called out by Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage to support #endSARS stirs backlash

Many well known Afro-beats and Nigerian Artists have taken to social media to support the movement #endSARS to support an end to police brutality and now Tiwa Savage. The Nigerian star recently posted a video calling on artists who benefit from Africa and its resources to support the change.

She especially called on American world renown artist Beyonce who recently launched the album #blackisking which was centred around uplifting black people and celebrating and recognising the black continent.

Tiwa Savage called on a sense of concern to the elite that are more privileged to come support the less privilaged in society.

She added that basic amenities being scarce like water, food and health care is not even the surface to what Nigerian is going through. ‘This is not even a fight for basic health care!! we have not even gotten to that…’

‘I want to use my platform to call on Beyonce. I am calling on Her and her team. the same way they used their platform to show Black is king because the same country that birthed this genre (Afro beats) is on fire.’

Many fans rushed to the comment section to lash out at Ms. Savage’s message saying she was piggy-backing off Beyonce or that Beyonce is not a saviour to mankind. Others mentioned that it was not the work of the artist to call out people for their faults and she should instead mind her own business.

Tiwa had already issued out a disclaimer to her message in regards to any comments people might convey on social media.

She adds that the star cannot be quiet on such a matter as she benefited from Nigerian as a country and used Nigerian creators and influencers.

She also asked music platform and other influential bodies to help support Nigerians during this time, these are Deezer, Spotify, Sahara reporters, Apple, CNN and BBC news.

#EndSARS rally against police brutality in Nigeria takes place in Berlin

‘I DO NOT, I repeat I DO NOT support POLICE BRUTALITY but I said I would share some thought provoking things because there is a bigger picture here. I THINK THE POLICE FORCE SHOULD JOIN US IN THE FIGHT. I’ve seen pictures of the barracks they live in with their families. I’ve spoken to a few in confidentiality about how low they are paid and how they go months without pay but are handed guns to protect Nigerians. While our leaders in the words of @n6oflife are paid billions to show up at the senate to fall asleep. Who are the real murderers here. They said they have ended Sars hmmm