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Austria announces ‘lockdown light’ similar to Germany, government meets to decide today

Almost the entire Austrian press announced tonight an imminent “lockdown” similar to that announced by Germany, of the “light” type, ie not a total quarantine, but a series of tougher measures, but without a shutdown of schools, shops and of basic activities – ‘lockdown light‘.

A number of publications have learned and published that restrictions on public life will not be as dramatic as in the spring. Rather, Austria will take measures similar to those to be applied in Germany on 2 November.

“Blockade measures” are discussed in government circles, reports The Corona traffic light commission could turn almost all of Austria into red on Thursday, reports.

In Germany, the next blockade was announced this afternoon in France in the evening – and now it should only be a matter of time before the blockades are announced in Austria, writes

Given the explosive number of infections and increasingly tense hospitals, further tightening of crown restrictions is likely imminent. Government circles are talking about “blocking measures” that should be taken, Salzburger Nachrichten wrote on their website on Wednesday night.

Restricting public life will not be as dramatic as in the spring, according to the media report, citing government circles (there is no official information from the Austrian government yet). Rather, Austria will take measures similar to those taken by Germany on November 2. 

The exact form of the measures is still being negotiated. The government meets today, Thursday, with experts on the topic of “hospital capacities”.

The results of the meeting will be broadcast tomorrow from 14:00 (on As part of these press statements, the government could announce official information about the future “Lockdown light” in Austria.

According to, the Corona traffic light could also be almost completely red from tomorrow, Thursday. With the exception of seven districts in Carinthia, Austria could be set at the highest level of warning for coronavirus.

Germany: What will be changing from the 2nd of November

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday to coordinate efforts to fight the crown pandemic. “The whole of Europe is now in the middle of the second wave, which is why there are additional restrictions and deadlock conditions everywhere,” Kurz was quoted as saying by the Austrian news agency APA.

Germany has also seen a massive increase in infections over the past ten days, Kurz said. As in Austria, hospital capacities are becoming smaller and smaller, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep in touch.

“This is why close cooperation with Germany and the other European partners is of particular importance. We want to proceed as closely as possible and keep the borders open, “the chancellor said.

On Thursday, the EU’s 27 heads of state and government will hold a video conference to discuss even closer cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. For example, new proposals from the EU Commission are to be discussed.