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Angela Merkel awarded Félix Houphouët-Boigny – UNESCO Peace Prize

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, party leader of the Christian Democratic Union party.

German news. The Jury of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny-UNESCO Peace Prize has awarded the 2022 Prize to Ms Angela Merkel, former Federal Chancellor of Germany, in recognition of her efforts to welcome refugees.

All the members of the jury were touched by her courageous decision in 2015 to welcome more than 1.2 million refugees, notably from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea. This is the legacy she leaves.

Denis Mukwege President of the Jury, gynaecologist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner:

Suffering is universal, which is why the solutions provided to suffering must also be universal. Peace-building is about opening doors to those who suffer. The decision of the jury has reminded us that the way in which we treat migrants and refugees is a critical issue.

Audrey Azoulay UNESCO Director-General

The Jury also awarded an honourable mention to Julienne Lusenge for her commitment to the women who were victims of sexual violence. Known for her work in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she denounced the use of rape as a “weapon of war” and is a defender of women’s rights.

About the Félix Houphouët-Boigny-UNESCO Peace Prize Created in 1989

This annual Prize honours an individual, an institution, or a private or public body which has significantly contributed to the promotion, research, safeguarding or maintenance of peace, in accordance with the United Nations Charter and the Constitution of UNESCO. World-renowned figures have received it, including Nelson Mandela, Frederik W. De Klerk, and Jimmy Carter, who was awarded the prize for his work in the field of education.

The Members of the international jury

  • Mr Michel Camdessus, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (France)Mr Santiago Gamboa-Samper, writer, journalist and diplomat (Colombia)
  • Mr Denis Mukwege, gynecologist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2018 (Democratic Republic of Congo) Mr. Thomas Pesquet, astronaut, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (France)
  • Ms Hayat Sindi, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mr Forest Whitaker, Actor, producer and director, Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO, (United States). 

The date and location of the award ceremony will be announced at a later date.

Source: UNESCO