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Africans in Ukraine fleeing war face racist attacks by Polish people

A group of Africans fleeing Ukraine were facing racist attacks and abuse by Polish people after fake reports emerged of violent crimes being committed by people fleeing Ukraine.

The Guardian reported that attackers attired in black clothing sought out groups of non-white refugees who were mainly students arriving in Poland at Przemyśl train station from cities in Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

Police also that there were Indians who were also beaten up by a group of five men and one was left hospitalised.

A group of polish people were reported to have been shouting and yelling at a group of Africans and Middle-Eastern refugees who were outside a train station. Police had to intervene and riot officers were deployed after group of men arrived chanting “Przemyśl always Polish”.

A group of polish men harassed a group of men from Nigeria and had hindered them from going to a restaurant to which they shouted at the Nigerian that they should go back to their country.

Following this racist incident, Polish police warned that groups linked to the far-right were spreading propaganda about alleged crimes committed by people of African origin and the Middle East fleeing war in Ukraine.

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Przemyśl police said on Twitter: “In the media, there is false information that serious crimes have occurred in Przemyśl and the border: burglaries, assaults and rape. It’s not true. The police did not record an increased number of crimes in connection with the situation at the border. #StopFakeNews.”

This fake news comes amid efforts from the AU condemning the mistreatment of Africans trying to flee the Ukraine for safety. (We talked about it here: AU condemns ill treatment of Africans trying to flee Ukraine)

International law states that all people have the right to cross international borders during the times of conflict and that Africans should also be able to exercise such rights to cross to safety notwithstanding nationality or racial identity.

The statement quoted said that, ‘ Reports that Africans are singled out for unacceptable dissimilar treatment would be shockingly racist and in breach international law.’