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A 20 euro banknote worth a fortune. Check if you have it in your wallet

20 euro banknote worth a fortune. Check if you have it in your wallet

20 euro banknote worth a fortune. Euro coins are not the only currency that can reach higher value, as there is a 20 euro note that is worth a fortune. Experienced collecters can tell immediately what makes a given banknote rare or not.

Whether you have a rare banknote in your hand depends on many factors, one being the serial number. While it may seem strange or absurd, it is not as complicated as it may seem. To the collectors, there are number combinations that are more attractive than others. There is also a legend that the most easily seen combinations are those with numbers in ascending, descending or equal order.

Important information to look for on the banknote

At first glance a banknote with a serial number with 5 consecutive identical digits is an attractive copy, for which you can get a large sum. 7 identical numbers are extremely rare while 6 identical numbers rare. The value of the banknote can be really huge if you find 8, 9 consecutive or identical numbers.

Another detail that makes the banknote worth a fortune is the large diagonal red lettering with the imprint “SPECIMEN”. These are the so-called banknote designs. The last detail to pay attention to is the signature of the president of the ECB, the promoter of the single European currency, Wim Duisenberg. Depending on the denomination they have a different value. For example, these 5 and 10 euros are worth between 750 and 1500 euros each. Those with a value of 20 and 50 euros are worth from 1,200 to 2,000 euros each, and those with a denomination of 100, 200 and 500 euros: from 1,500 to 2,500 euros each.

Rare coins have also hit the headlines, with unique properties that make them special. We wrote about how to recognize this coin here: A 2 euro coin worth a fortune. Check if you have this collectable in your wallet

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